A Fire Truck Rental For All Occasions
A Fire Truck Rental For All Occasions
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A Fire Truck Rental For All Occasions

"It's been a while, but I've been meaning to reach out to you to express my thanks for the wonderful experience you were able to provide at my son's birthday party in July. Everyone had a blast - kids and parents! I know it was an extremely hot and humid day, but you were able to keep the children entertained (and informed!) the entire time."- Tony and Desmond, North Attleboro MA, 2014

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for contributing to such an amazing birthday. Grayson was absolutely dazzled by your entire set up, starting with the fire lesson, playing with the water house, exploring your fire truck, and his favorite - riding in the truck! We couldn't have asked for anything better. All the kids had an amazing time and are still talking about it. You have an uncanny ability to wrangle all the kids and captivate them with whatever you are talking about. We couldn't have asked for a better party. We will be sure to pass along your information and hope that you're doing it in a few years for when Aubrie has her own party and potentially baby x to be born soon!"- Brittany, Plymouth MA, 2014

Andrew and Mike

"Andrew had his 11th birthday party in 2011. Andrew had so much fun when we had the fire truck at his party. Fireman Mike did such a good job with the kids. Not only was there a lot of learning and games, but all the kids had so much fun. The best part of the whole party was that my son got to ride on the fire truck. Andrew loved the party, and to see the smile on his face made my whole day." - Anna and Mike M., Marshfield, MA, 2011

"Thank you! The party turned out amazing and you did a fantastic job with the kids. You captivated 26 kids (4 year olds) for two hours... UNBELIEVABLE. The party got such great reviews from both the children and their parents. Our son loved it and was so happy, and that helped make his day so special. He talks about you and the fire truck almost everyday and the party was seven months ago. Please get back to me with available dates for another party this year." - Sharon B., Mansfield, MA, 2011

"Mike, the party was a blast and the kids can't stop talking about it. Colin wanted to know why you weren't in the driveway this morning." - Melissa H., Abington, MA, 2011

"I cannot thank you enough for the amazing job you did at the boys' birthday party. All of the kids are still talking about it. With all of the chaos, the boys surprisingly remembered everything about "stop, drop and roll." I love it! We talk about fire safety all the time, and the water fight was insanely fun. :-) This is a party that many parents and kids won't forget for a long time. Thank you for making it so unforgettable!" - Kerry and Kevin R., Hingham, MA, 2010

"Dear Mike, thanks for such a wonderful party. All the comments about you and your program were very positive. All of the parents loved it. Thank you again and we'll look forward to seeing you again very soon." - Heather F., Taunton, MA, 2010

"Fireman Mike, Thank you for making my birthday a five alarm. My friends and I all had so much fun learning about fire safety and riding the big red truck." (Age 4) - Love, Evan, Easton, MA, 2008

"Dear Fireman Mike, thank you for a wonderful birthday party for our son Max. All of the kids enjoyed it. We heard many times 'That was cool', 'Awesome!' or 'The best party.' You are so wonderful with the kids and kept them so engaged. All of the children and adults learned so much about fire safety. Everyone loved the fire truck climb. What a great time! Thank you so much." - The Golden family, 2006

"Dear Mike, I can't say enough about Mitchell's birthday party. You and Taylor were great. The kids enjoyed themselves so much. From two years old to twelve, I have thrown a total of 19 birthday parties for my kids, and this was by far the best. Even us adults learned things. I'm sure we will see you again. Mitchell said it was his "Best day ever," and I agree." - Lori H., 2006

Calman and Fireman Mike

"We can't thank you enough for Colin's party. It went well beyond anything I expected. Everything was just so great. Colin had the time of his life and wants to know when you're coming back. Please feel free to use us as a reference." - Gibbons family, 2005

"Dear Fireman Mike, I have heard nothing but praise from the parents and attendants at that event. Not only did you captivate the attention of the youngsters, ages 4 to twelve (a feat in itself), but you also taught them, in entertaining and very memorable ways, tips about fire safety that I believe could very well one day save their lives. The games were very entertaining and fit in perfectly with the theme presented. The highlight of the day was of course the fire engine, which not only did the kids enjoy, but I think made some of the parents feel young again. Most importantly, as a fire captain in Boston, with 27 years of service, I can most assuredly state that I have never seen a fire safety presentation that had such a grip on the intended audience. Once again, I thank you for your enthusiasm and professionalism." - Chip B., Marshfield, MA, 2004

"Mike, Thanks so much for a great party for John. We can't even begin to tell you what a wonderful service you do teaching the kids fire safety and most importantly not to be afraid of firemen in their oxygen masks, in the middle of the night. We will certainly recommend you to others, and we hope to see you again as well." - Sue F., Pembroke, MA, 2004

"Dear Mike and Melinda, I just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you what a wonderful time all of us had at my son's birthday. Adults and children alike are still commenting about what a great time they had and how informative the activities were. Thank you for the wonderful service that you provide. We will be calling you again in future years." - The Feeney Family, Wareham MA, 2003