A Fire Truck Rental For All Occasions
A Fire Truck Rental For All Occasions
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Frequently Asked Questions About Pricing

A Fire Truck Rental For All Occasions What form of payment do we accept?

We accept cash or check on the day of the event for the full amount due. We are not set up to accept any credit cards.

A Fire Truck Rental For All Occasions Is a deposit required when a Reservation is made?

No, however full payment is due when services are rendered.

A Fire Truck Rental For All Occasions How much is the cost for a birthday party and what does it include?

A birthday party includes the Fire truck and specifically Firefighter Mike for an hour and a half. The fire truck arrives with lights and siren going to begin the party. All the children are brought together and are given a brief lesson on fire safety and fire prevention. This will normally last 15 minutes. Then the children will be shown a firefighter in full gear including the mask and air bottle. This allows them to see what a firefighter will look like if he responds to their home for an emergency and helps considerably to alleviate any fear of a firefighter. This process is known as the friendly firefighter program.

The next phase of the party is to play a number of fire related games with the children. We use music and songs to help them learn fire safety as they play the games.

When the games are over the children are brought to the fire truck and taught about how it works. They are also given the opportunity to play on and in the fire truck. Weather permitting the children will be allowed to pull off the fire hose and spray water. For the grand finale, the "Fire Chief" (birthday boy or girl) will go for a fire truck ride with Firefighter Mike and parents.

Parties are done year round and can be held inside of family rooms or basements during inclement weather. Please contact us for pricing that will be tailored specifically to your party's/event's needs..