A Fire Truck Rental For All Occasions
A Fire Truck Rental For All Occasions
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Attention Daycare & Preschools

A Fire Truck Rental For All Occasions

"Firefighter Mike Watts has come to visit the children at Pied Piper Preschool with his fire truck for many years. The presentation for the children is very informative in an age appropriate way. He is able to explain fire safety and help the children realize that firefighters are their friend. Children get to see him put on all his gear in front of them so they learn there is no need to be afraid. He explains fire safety and lets the children explore his truck as well. I highly recommend him for events or programs looking for a fun experience that guarantees children will be not only entertained but educated as well."
- Chris Maiorano, Director
Pied Piper Preschool, Duxbury, MA

The Fire Truck arrives at your school and the children are taught fire safety in a fun and interactive way. After the fire education they will then be allowed to climb on and interact with the fire truck. Each child will receive a Fire Safety certificate to take home with them. The children will also have a chance to see hands on firefighting equipment and gear. music is used to help teach and educational games are also used. Classes have been as few as 6 children and as many as 300. (A Girl Scout jamboree). The truck is fully insured and references can be provided upon request. Below is a listing of the fire education that is taught.

Fire Education Includes: