A Fire Truck Rental For All Occasions
A Fire Truck Rental For All Occasions
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Michael Watts

Firefighter & Owner

A Fire Truck Rental For All Occasions

In July of 2001, "A Fire Truck For All Occasions" began as just a crazy idea after some friends asked me to do a few fire safety demonstrations for career days and birthday parties.  As the requests grew, I decided to turn this hobby into a local family-owned, Christian business.

I am the sole owner and operator of the business. You will work entirely with me from the time you make a reservation to when I show up for your party. I will be there to answer any of your questions, address any concerns and I am willing to provide references if requested.

Now be honest with yourself: who hasn't wished that they could be a Firefighter, if only for a day? The memories and valuable lessons learned are sure to last a lifetime.

You have marveled at the magicians, laughed with the clowns, waited for a pony ride and even been kneed in the moonwalk. Now be the first on your block to have your very own Fire truck. Imagine the look on the faces of your children, not to mention the neighbors, when a big red Fire truck comes down your street and into your driveway. Lights flashing and bells ringing to celebrate your special occasion!

A Fire Truck Rental For All Occasions

Education, Qualifications and Experience

Veteran United States Army, active duty (101st Airborne Infantry)

Veteran United States Coast Guard, active duty

Full time fire fighter for the federal government, 2 years

Currently full time professional fire fighter in Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 15 years

Emergency Medical Technician

Degree in Fire Science

Fire Safety instructor for 15 years, teaching ages preschool through 6th grade

Throughout 14 years, I have done over 1,300 parties, schools, and events teaching more than 11,000 children and adults